We have spent the past 5 years developing proprietary, patented technology to accomplish what major manufacturers can’t - accommodating the nuances of textured hair consumers’ pain points.

We’ve accomplished that through a combination of deep cultural competence - our team is lead by Black women with a deep understanding of the customer experience - and expert operators in the engineering and manufacturing space.

Culturally Informed

Styling highly textured hair is an extreme sport.


We have identified the biggest pain points in natural, textured hair styling and designed tools and appliances for fast, healthy styling of textured hair that saves you time, saves you money, and gives you back your life.

For Textured Hair

We make tools specifically designed for texture. Why?

Women with highly textured hair spend nine times the rest of the population on haircare, but the products available to us don’t meet our nuanced needs.

Unlike major manufacturers, we understand the backend of washday and all the hair related pain points you experience throughout your life … and we’re here to solve them. Our products are specifically designed and tested for the needs of type 4 and type 3 highly textured curls and kinks. 

The Mint™

Unprecedented ease and convenience. 2x Faster detangling and styling. Increased hair health. Reliable Wash and go results. With 6 attachments engineered to detangle and style every texture.

  • Slashes detangling and styling time in half
  • Decreases shrinkage
  • Designed specifically for type 4 textures
  • Improves product penetration for low porosity hair
  • Portable, TSA-friendly design for styling on-the-go
  • Increases moisture retention

"Game changer"

I usually only use my hands, but [The Mint] is a game changer.

- Elisa Malone

"I love it."

I love this! I can distribute the product evenly throughout my hair.

- Danielle Finch

"Soft and healthy."

My hair feels soft and healthy. My scalp and arms don't hurt.

- Tristiana Hinton