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Ready for the Easiest Wash Day Ever?

Discover the ultimate solution to transform your wash day routine into a seamless, enjoyable experience. Designed for efficiency, comfort, and superior results, prepare to embrace the easiest wash day ever with The Mint. Say goodbye to the old struggles and hello to effortless detangling, styling, and care for your natural hair.


Controlled Dispensing

Precise product release with every brush stroke, for a no-waste, mess-free experience.

Warming and Loading Controls

Warm your way to softer strands with integrated heating that primes and loads your products.

TSA-Compliant Product Pods

Travel light and right with TSA-friendly pods, making every place your styling space

Interchangeable Bristles for Multiple Hair Types

Customize your detangling with interchangeable bristles tailored to your hair's unique needs.

Redefine Your Coils with Cutting-Edge Curl Tech.

It's a new dawn for natural hair, where technological advancement meets the art of perfect curls; it's time our tools caught up to revolutionize the way we style and nurture our hair.


The Mint

Manual Styling

Wide Tooth Comb

Detangling Brush

Detangling Time*

20 min

80 min

60 min

50 min

Product Conditioning

Gentle Product Warming

Portability & Convenience

Travel With Ease

Adaptability for Hair Types

Specifically Designed for Type 4 Textures

Decreased Shedding

Decrease Shedding By Up To 70%

The Curlies Are Loving The Mint

Our customer and testers cannot stop raving about The Mint.

a message from our founder

Back The Mint!

I had the incredible opportunity to introduce "The Mint" on Shark Tank. Since then, the momentum we've experienced has been nothing short of amazing. But this is just the beginning. "The Mint" is more than just a product; it's a movement towards embracing and celebrating the beauty of natural curls in all their glory.  Together, we can ensure that every curly out there discovers the transformational experience of using "The Mint." Whether you're part of the curly community or you know someone who is, your support in sharing our vision can make all the difference. 


Let's keep this momentum going  by sharing this with your closest curl-friends so we can continue to revolutionize the way natural hair is cared for, one curl at a time.

Your Washday Holy Grail

Reclaim your time with unprecedented ease and convenience, and increased hair health. Enjoy The Mint™ fitted with 6 attachments engineered to detangle and style every texture.

Decrease Shrinkage

The Mint effortlessly stretches curls while infusing them with nourishing warmth, reducing natural hair shrinkage for a beautifully elongated style.

Slash Detangling and Styling Time in Half

With its innovative interchangable bristles, the Mint slices through tangles and cuts styling time in half, offering a seamless grooming experience for your gorgeous curls.

Improve Product Penetration for Low Porosity Hair

The Mint's warming technology opens up hair cuticles, ensuring deep penetration of products for optimal hydration and health, especially for low porosity strands.

Portable, TSA-friendly Design for Styling On-The-Go

Compact and compliant with travel regulations, the Mint is your on-the-go companion for quick touch-ups, ensuring your natural hair stays styled and manageable wherever you are.


Still on the Fence? 

Don't Worry.  We'll Get You To The Other Side.