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6 Steps to the Perfect Wash-and-Go

Prep Your Hair

Start with clean, wet hair. 

Prep hair with leave-in conditioners.

Separate hair into small, even sections. 

Power Up and Choose Accessories

Plug in your mint.

Select the best bristle plates and optional Minting arm for your hair type. It may take a bit of experimenting to find the right bristle plates for you.

Prep Your Pod

Spoon in or squeeze cream or gel products into your pod. Close pod with dispensing tunnel facing inward, then insert into pod reservoir with the lip and dispensing tunnel facing the pod reservoir.

Prime your pod by pressing the priming button. This gets your Mint tool ready to dispense. If your pod is already primed when you plug in your Mint, press the priming button for 2 seconds to activate the motor.

Activate the Gentle Warming Mechanism

Press the warming button to activate the product warmer. 

When the light turns solid, your product is fully warmed. 

Pro Tip: While you don’t have to use the gentle warming mechanism to warm your creams and gels, doing so greatly improves styling time and results 

Detangle and Apply Product

Press the gold distribution button to release a small dollop of product. Brush into hair in small sections from ends to roots. 

Pro tip: be careful not to distribute too much product onto each section. Each section will require between 2-4 dollops depending on thickness and length. 

Pro Tip: detangle in small sections from ends to roots for easy detangling.

Add the Minting Arm For Added Definition

For added definition, add a Minting arm and “Mint” small sections of hair by brushing hair in small sections from the ends to the root.

This will improve definition and penetration of products. 

Remove by twisting gently and pulling the minting arm down and out of the hinge.