Our Story

Back in the day, it was completely socially unacceptable for little Black girls to wear their natural hair in public. Years later as a young law student, I would finally cut off my processed, relaxed, damaged straightened hair and embrace my natural texture. It was life changing. I felt beautiful in my own skin for the first time in my life.

I want to make it easy for all women of color to feel that same feeling, but styling highly textured hair is complicated, time consuming, and deeply inconvenient for many consumers. In fact, many consumers in this niche spend upwards of 3 hours on styling each time they wash. We have engineered new tech for textured hair to make styling faster, easier, and more convenient. I want all women to be able to work out, travel, and manage our families and careers without having to sacrifice basic hygiene or confidence in our appearance.

I can't wait for you to experience this ease. Join us!


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Meet The Mint by Richualist, a thermal infuser and styler that brings your wash day into the 21st century. Our all-in-one hair styling system detangles, conditions creams and gels, applies product, and styles with just one stroke. Get ready to save time and see healthy hair gains with The Mint.

Our Founder

Dawn Myers | Founder

I started this company to make products to meet the nuanced needs of women of color, but engineering and manufacturing tech-enabled hardware has a steep learning curve and takes an incredible amount of capital. I had to get creative to raise funds to surmount the heightened barriers to entry in this space and quickly found myself advising and coaching other underestimated founders on how to do the same.

Having worked with national organizations such as The Vinetta Project and Black Girl Ventures, I am committed to helping founders striving to innovate and solve problems for their communities.