Black-Ish Award-Worthy Hair

Black-Ish Award-Worthy Hair

Dawn Myers

For years, ‘Black-ish’ has been normalizing Black hairstyles on primetime television and on Sunday, September 20, the show won a 2020 Creative Arts Emmy Award for outstanding contemporary hairstyling. The hairstyling team, led by Araxi Lindsey, swept it and of course they did—they deserved this for successfully showcasing realistic (and beautiful) Black hairstyles that hit home to us.

“The win was specific to an episode titled “Hair Day” in which Diane (played by Marsai Martin) is faced with the decision about what to do with her hair after she decides she no longer wants to use chemical relaxers,” as stated in a recent article published by Essence. The episode is equally interesting, important, and entertaining. It thoughtfully discusses a Black woman’s decision to embark on a new hair journey, and it beautifully illustrates a plethora of hairstyles worn in the community.”

Since season one the show has explored and realistically shown important parts of hair culture. It may even be the first time we’ve seen this many natural textured styles on a network television show in a primetime slot.

“Black women are hair chameleons, and the show emphasizes that. The characters go from straight back cornrows to silk pressed curls to Afros. Even in bedtime scenes Diane is wearing her protective silk scarf. And like most Black grandmothers, Ruby (played by Jennifer Lewis) has wigs and elaborate head wraps for every occasion.”

What lies beneath those styles and bonnets is the affirmation that it’s normal for Black women to wear their natural hair exactly as it grows out of their heads, and any other way they choose.

Photo Credit: Instagram